E.C. Medical

Event Medical Cover

We provide event medical support for a wide range of events, including:

Cycle Races and Triathlons
School fetes
Horse Jumping and Racing
Family days
Fun runs
Endurance races and marathons
Motor sport
Music festival
TV & Film
And much more!

Nightclub Medical Cover

As a Manager or Owner of a bar or night club do you want your security staff tied up dealing with medical emergencies, or the emergency services disrupting your customers evening? If the answer is NO then EC Medical is your answer by providing on site emergency medical cover to your customers and staff. This show commitment to customer welfare and safety which could improve your business reputation.

An EC Medical Medic is the difference between a First Aider and an Ambulance attendant. They provide medical support to nightclubs by treating minor injuries onsite and ensuring that ambulances are used only when necessary. Furthermore, they can provide more adequate treatment whilst awaiting the arrival of an ambulance for life threatening emergencies by quickly recognising the onset of a medical emergency.

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